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About ME

Ismael Delarge (1981, Italian-Spanish) is a photographer and short film maker. He directed several short art films and has shown them at various festivals under the pseudonym Ismael C. Viondi from 2005 to 2008 receiving excellent reviews. Since then photography has been gaining ground ferociously in his work and his creative processes. His photographic début was in 2011 at the Dass Gallery (Fort Myers, Florida).
Baroque, controversial, atmospheric, sometimes loaded with innocence, and others filled with perversity. His work mainly centers in the bizarre worlds of sex and death, creating a visual dichotomy between the more technical and organized beauty and a broken and transgressive experimentation, which dazzles emotionally due to its honesty, authenticity, personality and especially its innate capacity to provoke without appealing to the trivial.


Everything began in 1981. DeLarge has an Italian origin but he has grown in Madrid, since his early childhood he chose creativity as the only possible way for living. 

Used to be always a self-taught, he began studying Fine Arts in Madrid but he soon gave it up him when felt terribly disappointed after the experience. He felt that they would never reach all his artistic potential being only tought to describe artworks by endless and empty words. Ismael studied image during three years (specialization in artistic photography) in Madrid. Strictly Baroque. It's impossible to capture in a unique work or discipline all his polyhedral nature. After some years dedicated to music composition and graphic design with works published in Europe, US and Japan, he focused on cinema's world and he directed arthouse short films under the pseudonym Ismael C. Viondi, with excellent reviews in festivals, in which he started showing us his uncomfortable obsessions. His cinematic experiments are full of dark, disturbing and atmospheric scenes, as a result of his unhealthy investigation on the bizarre world of sex and death.

His photographic début was in 2011 at the Dass Gallery (Fort Myers, Florida). Soon after the success of his debut, their carreer was completed after a Photography Master (visual arts) by well known American artists, David Acevedo and Xavier Brignoni (at The Union Artists Studios, Florida).

In July 2015 he succesfully presented his first curated exhibition in Madrid gathering a total of 20 national and international artists. Part of his photograph homoerotic work was compiled by international artist Rinaldo Hopf in two photographic art books “Mein Schwules auge 11”, “Mein Swchules Auge 12” and "Mein Schules Auge 13", and also by Claudia Gehrke & Uve Schmidt in the artbook "Mein Heimliches Auge, Das Jahrbuch der Erotik XXX" edited by the Berlin publishing house “Konkursbuch Verlag”.

In every place where his work is shown, you can find controversy, although it's not always intended. His portraits and his way of creating a weird atmosphere, shoot straightaway to the subconscience, showing the essence of classic porn and changing it into an idyllic exercise of wicked and hidden erotism extrapolating the view & excitement of a voyeur.

His pieces lead us to be little accomplices of a place where we may not want to stay but from which we desire to know more. It's at that point where the artist reveals his totally denial to describe too much their works. The pieces, by themselves, are a fountain of symbols that provide enough information and spill personal recreations and contradictory secrets into the observer's subconscionscience. His art opted to not accept external limits and constraints and to refuse stablished formalism, thinking it would be more fruitful only to express the result of his imagination, broad in reflections and ironic and lethal humor sense.

There is no doubt, discovering DeLarge´s World, there is a need of being an accomplice of something much more instantaneous, twisted and innovator of those disguised lies that they have wanted to tell you.


Ismael DeLarge = Honest Art.









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